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As the son of a former college professor and social worker It was instilled in me to educate myself and never stop learning and sharing knowledge with others AND to always be kind, helpful, giving and thankful to everyone. The "Golden Rule" of doing to and for others was always the top of the list in my home. Going the Extra mile helped me achieve the Eagle Scout designation at age 17. After I graduated from FSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication I embarked upon a 20 year, 20+ country adventure of giving to others and teaching in a humanitarian/missionary setting. I truly learned how to do for others and put other people's needs first. Fast forward to the present, I am happy to say all my learning and serving has lead to teach and help people understand the insurance plan or plans which best suit their needs. My passion is to find out what people's needs are in regard to Medicare, Life, Long Term Care and Annuities and recommend an insurance solution that meets that need. Feel free to call or mail me to set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation regarding any of the insurance products I specialize in. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope to see you soon and please let all your friends and family know I am here to serve them.


Tom Bouvier   




As a Licensed Agent and former Trainer and Training Coordinator for a major Medicare Carrier I enjoy the time I get to consult and educate people on the many options and paths one can take once they get on Medicare. From Medicare Supplements to Medicare Prescription Plans to Medicare Advantage Plans, I am able to help individuals understand and make clear rational decisions about which plan is best for them. Since I operate in a fiduciary manner for everyone I consult with, my clients can rest assured that I only recommend what is in their best interest. The sea's of Medicare can be very turbulent and ever shifting, allow me to help you navigate through it.


Life Insurance

When it comes to planning for your family’s future, life insurance is one of the most important things you have to consider.

By investing in the right policy now, you can virtually ensure your family’s financial stability for years to come.


However, choosing the right life insurance policy isn’t so easy. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry and carriers, and that’s where I am able to help you navigate thru the multiple options and plans.​

Please contact me today for your no cost no obligations consultation.

  • Term Life

  • Whole life

  • Accidental death benefits

  • Universal life

  • Final expense

Long Term Care


Did you know that 75% or 3 out of 4 Americans will require some form of Long Term Care (LTC) at some time in their life.


These numbers are especially true for Americans over age 55.


The time to prepare and plan is when you are still reasonably healthy and not in need of LTC services.


Medicare DOES NOT cover LTC and full nursing facilities can be very costly.



  • Medicare-Help-Centers-Book.jpg

    FREE Retirement Planning Book

    This book, Your Personal Financial Help Center, Special Retirement Edition will tell you how to maximize your Social Security benefits, choose the right annuity for your retirement, protect your money in case of illness with How Long Term Care Insurance, protect yourself against Identity Theft, look for Life Insurance, and much more.

  • Medicare-Insurance-Direct.jpg


    Tom Bouvier gives you free access to Medicare Insurance Direct, your expert guide to finding your "best fit" Medicare plan.

    • Absolutely free

    • Save plans & complete enrollment later

    • Begin an enrollment history

    • Entered information can be saved for future visits

  • Free-Life-Insurance-Quote-Now.jpg


    As Tom says, "Quite simply, life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. Find out how much you need, and how your family will benefit." 


    Use this tool he has provided here to do just that.

  • Dental-Insurance-Quote.jpg

    Dental Insurance Quote

    Tom is committed to finding you the dental and vision plans that meet your needs.  Get a instant free quote on dental and vision insurance plans that offer affordable coverage, coverage for individuals 18+ (including seniors), no online enrollment fees and the Ameritas Dental Network.

  • International-Major-Medical-Plan.jpg

    International Major Medical Plan

    Tom can provide you with this international major medical plan that has been designed for people coming to the USA for periods from 1 day to many years.

  • USAway-Major-Medical.jpg

    USAway Major Medical Plan

    Right here from Tom's website, you can apply for the USAway Major Medical Plan for US citizens and US residents who are travelling outside the USA.

  • Life-Exec.jpg

    Life & Legacy Management Solution

    Take advantage of the world’s only technology that distributes instructions and documents during future life events. This includes medical emergencies, accidents, and legacy plans.

Tom serves the following communities:

  • Port St Lucie

  • Tradition/St Lucie West

  • Fort Pierce

  • Hutchinson Island

  • Jensen Beach

  • Stuart

  • All of Martin and Palm Beach Counties.

  • Also licensed in Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana



“Many thanks to Tom B.. My sister and I are trying to navigate medicare for our mother and Tom was a great resource. He answered many, many, many, questions and helped us understand what our options were and what would likely be best for Mom. What a relief to have coverage in place and to know that Tom will be reviewing our coverage options and making sure we continue to have the best option in place. I wish I'd known / called Tom a year ago. The whole process had us in a tailspin of options and uncertainty before we found Tom. He wrapped this up for us in just a few days. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. Thank you!!"

Haley B.

“I cannot emphasize enough how thorough, patient and knowledgeable Tom Bouvier is in regards to Medicare, Social Security, Life and Long Term Care. I am new to Medicare and consider myself very intelligent, but with the mailbox filled and the unsolicited calls coming about all the options out there, I was relieved to be able to sit face to face and TRULY understand my options. Tom makes the complicated very understandable. I highly recommend you call him about your Medicare choices and other insurance products he is Licensed for. He is soon to be working on a Long Term Care policy for me."

Debbie T.

Thanks Tom for guiding us through the confusing Medicare process!"

Nancy M.



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